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Price list

Price list

Price list:

Cleaning works:

one-time cleaning work:

*200 - 300 Kč/hour according to type of cleaning

In lower price zone there are a basic cleaning works, in high price zone there are cleaning works after crafting works, reconstructions etc.

regular cleaning works:

*200 - 250 Kč/hour

Cleaning offices, shops, common areas in buildings, public areas, cleanings carpets, lounge suites and chairs - prices everytime by consulting according to individual parametrs assigned cleaning work after consultation with client.

Indicative price in case of the cleaning large areas inside of a administration buildings:

Price of the cleaning is dependent on requirement of the client about using a cleaners, which by consulting provide the client or they are provide by our company.

Constractual price for individual order with the client include the basic cleaning.

Final proce for the basic cleaning can be raised according to frequency of cleaning, working time (day, or night), include working emergency for example emergency cleaning.

Indicative price cleaning works in flats in folowing situations:


Flat                           General               After house painters         After reconstruction                Area

1+1                           1300                   1800                                 2100                                       to 35 m2

2+1                           1900                    2500                                2900                                       to 50 m2

3+1                           2600                    3200                                3900                                       to 80 m2

4+1                           3000                    4000                                4500                                       to 120 m2


Cleaning houses:


one - time   from 250 Kč/hour

regular        from 200 Kč/hour


Transport machines through Prague 350 Kč

Moving and be clearing out from flats:

after standed car on Your address - hour rate with one worker (driver) is 500 Kč

hour rate with one worker + driver is 1000 Kč


Cleaning works after house painters:

The price depend on m2 area, difficulty of works, disinfection walls, using



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